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PAUL HAY Capital Projects [PHCP] is a partnership founded in January 1998 under the business name "Paul Hay, CADD Consultant" [PH-CADD Consultant for short].  From inception, project management and computer-aided architectural design [CAAD] were offered mainly to government and educational institutions, through private architectural firms.  To a lesser degree, services also included procurement, assembly and installation of computer-aided design and draughting (CADD) systems.

In March 2001, the name was changed to PAUL HAY Capital Projects [PHCP] in order to focus on project management, as a mainstay. " CADD Consultants" was dropped from our name as a consequence of technological developments deemed more relivant to project management, i.e. (a) increasing integration of communication technologies into CAD software, (b) emergence of Collaborative Computing, (c) increasing power of main-stream desktop computers, and (d) adaptation of CAD to Personal Digital Assistants [PDA].   

In October 2001, most information technology services, including CAAD services, were transferred to a new subsidiary Digital Design.  CAAD software sales were transferred to Digital Design on March 2003;  and  in January 2004, Karlene Hay was admitted as a PHCP partner

Currently, we provide strategic project management and planning services to governments, as well as private architectural firms and property owners; technology services and sales only being offered to private architects within Jamaica, though steps are being taken to extend sales into the wider Caribbean.  For 2002, 82% of our gross income was derived from project management and facility planning;   technology services and sales accounting for 10% & 8% respectively.

Our partner, Karlene A. Hay nee McGann, is an educator and currently principal at the Queen's Preparatory School in Kingston, Jamaica.

Our founder and managing partner, Paul Anthony Hay, has a Masters of Business Administration degree from Heriot Watt University (Scotland), a B.A.(Architecture) degree from the University of California (Berkeley), and has been a pro-rata lecturer of building services to undergraduates of the Caribbean School of Architecture, University of Technology, since 1995.  He has over 20 years experience in academic, corporate and health care facilities: a significant number of projects being funded by international donor agencies such as the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development [IBRD], Caribbean Development Bank [CDB], and the Inter-American Development Bank [IADB].