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You are visiting the web site of PAUL HAY Capital Projects:  a Caribbean business consultancy based in Jamaica, providing strategic facility planners and project managers to organizations interested in planning, designing, or constructing buildings in the english-speaking Caribbean. Our mission is: to enhance the competitiveness of Caribbean-based businesses through strategic facility planning and capital project management .  
We understand our clients' need to maximize the contribution of their facilities or design effort towards attaining business objectives and ultimately sustainable competitive advantage. The requisite expertise in both architecture and business administration is available to responsibly translate your strategic business objectives into medium or long-term facility plans and alternatives; and reliably establish, monitor and control lead times for deliverables.
So, when you need to determine how facilities contribute to your core business by corporate identity, location, and amenities; how facility design can affect employee productivity and rate of production throughput, and much more: contact us.
Our consultancy services also extend to:
   Energy conservation
   Building services coordination
   Healthcare facilities consultation
   Information Technology & Communication [ITC] consultation (see digital DESIGN website)

Thank you for visiting.  For further information or assistance, contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" button.  We  look forward to serving you.   

PAUL HAY Capital Projects

Paul Hay
Managing Partner
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LAST UPDATED: 14 November 2012


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